A good store for saying buy buy baby
We are going to buy buy baby
I was hoping to go there
by guacardo April 19, 2021
If you buy bananas on trash day, all the fruit flies will find their way into your home because of people's trash bins being moved about. Much like "Don't tempt fate", this is a phrase used to call someone out for their own foolish mistakes, or to warn them that if something can go wrong, it likely will go wrong.
Bride: "Awe man! I spilled catsup on my wedding gown!"
Mother-in-Law To Be: "Well, that's why you don't buy bananas on trash day."
by April 28, 2022
someone is not buy able when, they are tog ood for any reason to be purchased.
-your ass is totaly not buy able.

-he was so fine i couldnt even out a price on that boy.
-he is like unbuy able.
-that girl on the run way, was like so bangin i couldnt have enough money to run that.
-i am totaly un buyable.

by futon shlemedong November 17, 2006
When you go with a lady you presume to be a queen to be a queen to buy coffee paraphernalia . EX: She points at $3,000.00 espresso machine and you buy it.
Friend: Where did you get this $3000.00 Espresso machine Leeann?

Leeann: It was a guy buy I had him eating right out of my hand that weekend I went to visit.
by TheChameleonofChemistry April 4, 2022
When the perfect stock keeps dumping only because Citadel found out you were HODLing.
The best strategy is to buy the dip.
Me: Why is NVAX down today after WHO and EU approval?
Me2: Shut up and buy the dip.
by rocketmoon December 20, 2021
Pandemic rebounding persons who have forgotten how to properly separate Needs & Wants.
Dr. Suggests one book, patient purchases 4 on CBH & two on spiritual awakenings. Reports back with more buying rabbits symptoms
by Tthernandez November 29, 2022
Any film so poorly or cheap produced (writing, acting, production values) that it appears it was made by someone who bought all their video equipment at a Best Buy. The usual format is a "found footage" horror, Bigfoot, alien abduction, rape-revenge, or slasher theme where lots of dumb, and often stoned and/or drunk, oversexed college students (or twenty something actors playing high school students) get killed through extremely contrived and ill conceived plot holes. Usually the director and writer also "act" as either victims or the killer. Not to be confused with cult films from the 1970s and 1980s using more conventional production values such as Friday the 13th, etc., rather the genre is a shoestring outgrowth of Blair Witch Project, etc.
Since the Covid-19 lockdowns I have wasted too many hours watching Best Buy Movies on Tubi and YouTube.
by Postmodern Hick June 12, 2020