1) In poker, it is the minimum amount you can buy in terms of poker chips. It is the opposite of cash out

2) buying in can be similar to selling out the difference is semantics. Buying can apply to a line of thought or an ideal or whatnot.
1) "The buy in at the hold em table is $50."

2) "After moving to the USA, we bought in to the american lifestyle and values."
by dracula June 26, 2004
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the past tense of buy which only idiots use
boss man me i buyed dem tings
by dodgy afghan November 1, 2020
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BUI stands for Browsing Under the Influence. This is similar to Driving Under the Influence (driving while drunk). BUI is a situation where a drunk person is having a great time browsing the internet and having fun.
Santosh: What are you doing? Wanna come over to my place to watch some TV

Clinton: Sorry but I am BUI!
by SantoshGeorge August 31, 2009
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in bahamian terms . 1 to call a person. to replace words.
Come Here bui i want to tell you something. 2 bui this person wouldn't like me alone
by qdprince July 4, 2009
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Used to describe a forum goers methods of acquiring something. Usually, the user will utilize this when they intend to torrent whatever they are planning on acquiring.
"I am going to <b>BUY</b> that game RIGHT NOW."
(<b></b> represent bold tags.)
by Spartan769 October 19, 2008
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the past tense of buy that only idiots use
big man me i buyed dem ting form the man dem
by dodgy afghan November 1, 2020
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