Another word for Jerking off. If your a little awkward in explaining things then say this really helps.

Oh man I really need to turn some butter
Dang I really need to turn butter
by WILDBEAST February 12, 2017
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(See "Fummunda Cheese") The buttery, funky residue that accumulates between two large breasteses.
I tried to motorboat her, and all I got was a mouth full of Tweenum Butter. It burned my nose.
by duckn February 4, 2012
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Butter that has absorbed all of its surrounding condoments on the piece of toast
"Hey man.... Can you passe some of that good a** jelly infused vaccuum butter."
by It's ja boi May 31, 2017
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The god of peanut butter that anyone could eat, unless your'e allergic to WOW. The WOW Butter And Jelly originates from god himself and when it is put in your mouth you feel a tingling that could either be orgasmic, or food poisoning. It is perfectly balanced, as all things should be....
"Hey Matt, did you try the WOW Butter And Jelly? I think I came when I ate it!"
by BradyWasHere December 5, 2019
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