A girl or boy who is EXTREMELY!!! ugly.
Girl1-I was walking down the road when this discusting guy walks up to me and trys to get with me, and he had warts on his face and a mono-brow!

Girl2-Ewww, Gross!!

Girl1-Yeah, he was Sooo Butters!!!
by Pretty_Damn_Awesome November 08, 2009
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A sexual term meaning to place ones balls on their partner's chin.
When Mike tried to teabag Cindy, he had bad aim and accidentally gave Cindy a Butters.
by zsta2k7 January 07, 2007
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A derogatory term for a heavily invested Bitcoin enthusiast. The term originated in the subreddit /r/buttcoin
Butter realizes this is a massive pump and dump. Suggest the solution is for everyone to buy more Bitcoin.
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by SwiperXE February 03, 2018
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An Asian, that is very popular, gets all the ladies, and is very smooth with pick-up lines. And is very willing to go into a sexual relationship.
Daaaaaaamn Becky, he's BUTTER.
by Muertitos Patos February 11, 2017
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The real definition:Butters is kindest and most peaceful person on Earth, unless you make the wrong move. This person is also affiliated with Japanese culture. He smiles all the time when he is with friends and he has the most beautiful eyes!
There are rumors that Butters is brolic as hell, but they're just rumors. You can find Butters playing his golden DS almost 24/7.
by Butterygreatness September 27, 2008
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