A girl/guy with a nice ass body but an ugly ass face
Damn she's so butter, might as well put a bag over her so you can fuck her
by Chloe December 19, 2004
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A type of handshake, involving contact with only the tips of the fingers. Twiddling motions are used to instigate this contact.
One person will extend his arm and say, "Yeah man, butter!" while twiddling his fingers with vigor. The second person will reciprocate, making only light contact with his/her own twiddling fingers.

by Mono May 02, 2005
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As a development on "ugly", butters can be used to describe an unfavourable situation or atmosphere.
"this music is butters"
"oh no its raining, butters"
by Harry Em November 06, 2005
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The stuff that comes out of your anus following the consumption of Chinese food. Strait ass-watering food.
That Shea Yuan sure made me butter.
by jahnesta April 02, 2007
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Great body, but a nasty face.. originates from "but her"
Man, that chick's butter!
by KoKoPuff February 06, 2003
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1) Some sort of food or whatever that you can put on bread, mashed potatoes, etc.
2)Male Sperm.
1) "Do you want butter on your roll?"
2) "Do you want me to butter your muffin?"
by Ashley April 13, 2005
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