When doing anal with your partner until she shits on your dick, pull out and smear a heavy layer of the warm shit on your dick, stick it deep or shallow (depending on your meat size) into her pussy until she cums, while having your entire hand inside the female's asshole scooping the left over shit out and slurping it out your hand with a straw. You will then gargle it in your mouth for 30 seconds like mouthwash and swallow, finishing off with a big smile.
I wanted to spice it up in the bed with my girlfriend last night, so I gave her a Gulf Breeze Butterfinger
by MegaDickMeat January 29, 2017
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Where u butter your phalanges and finger an asshole
My girlfriend gave me the biggest butterfinger I’ve ever gotten last night.
by Stephen A koolaid. November 18, 2021
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In order to butterfinger, one must first excrete loose, watery bowl movements (diarrhea) through their anal canal. As this process is taking place, a second party (preferably a lover) inserts their philanges into said anal canal thus acquiring their lovely brown butter. The second party may then do what they please with their sweet juice.
Bartholomew: yo, bruh, I don’t feel so good. I think I have diarrhea.

Squinphoneous II: Yoo, bet, let’s butterfinger!! 💩
by TheAguirres November 19, 2018
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A clumsy person whose primary trait is their unfailing ability to constantly drop things, as if their hands were smeared with butter.
Darrell tried out for the football team, but he didn't make it because his butterfingers made him a massive millstone around the team's neck.
by None of your beeswax, pal August 03, 2021
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When a person eats butterfingers and then sneezes all over the back of your head or directly in your face.
After a resounding night of trick or treating, Janine in a drunken stupor spat on her friend in a wild butterfinger shower.
by sumnoidfucksgoats October 29, 2015
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When your hands are covered with butter and you drop your soda all over the movie theater floor
*drops soda*
Bill: Damn it Butterfingers Rob
by Intothefloodagain86 March 03, 2019
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