Buttering 4 of your fingers up her #1 and #2 holes while getting BJ. When ready to blow, shove fingers under her nose and say something salient to Minnesota.

Ex: "This ain't Minneapolis sweetie" Or, "Did you know Harmon Killabrew liked bj's too?"
I met this chick from Minneapolis at the NiteOwl, she was talking shit all night. I had to give her the tourist treatment

Did mean the "Wadena Butterfinger" ?

by dirtbag0154 August 03, 2010
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A term used in the popular child's game "Hide and Go Seek". When a child reaches "home" or the base they must stay there until evryone is back at base or someone is tagged (ending the round). However once reaching home if the player yells baby butterfingers they are free to leave the base and carry with it it's immunity. Meaning they can't be tagged.
Billy reaches the base and yells "BABY BUTTERFINGERS!!!"
Then Zach can no longer tag Billy
by Jack Teepee (my porn name) April 19, 2009
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when a man or woman cuts jalepeños then proceeds to finger someones butthole/vagina
my gf was making jelepeño poppers and then fingered me, i call it a “jalepeño butterfinger”
by cleclecle March 30, 2018
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Situation: A male and a female are participating in anal sex, the male pulls his phallus out of the woman's butthole, and a piece of shit is propelled across the room.
Woman: DON'T PULL IT OUT!!!!!


*shit ball fies across the room*

Man: Holy shit honey, look at that butterfinger BB!!
by LOLZIPOPZ August 21, 2008
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When one takes a piece of shit and rolls it in sprinkles and nuts. Then one sticks one end in his/her mouth while another person puts the other end in their mouth. Then they both "Lady and the Tramp it" by eating both ends until their lips meet and they makeout.
Dude, I totally Baltimore Butterfingered my girlfriend last night.
by Patrick Hudson May 13, 2006
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An athlete that somehow always manages to lose the basketball while saying AAarrGHeeUUL while taking the ball to the rim.
Fucking Butterfingers Gasol, dont you AAarrGHeeUUL my chances at a third championship!
by Knee Gross April 28, 2011
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1. noun: a three part sexual act between a man and woman that begins with anal sex. After anal penetration the man then enters his bleeding female partner vaginally. The final act happens when the man pulls out and while receiving a blow job from his significant other then ejaculates in her face.
After shopping at the Home Depot last weekend, Katie and I saw a romantic comedy at a local theater and although we had no snacks while watching the movie, when we returned home I gave her a South Hampton Butterfinger.
by Millard Hampton December 05, 2009
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