When a person has butter for fingers, commonly causing grief as this disability makes initial interaction with fellow humans uncomfortable.. especially when shaking hands.
Fucking hell I just met that disabled fucking idiot out there and we shook hands... the seedy fuck has butter for fingers and now my hands are slippery.. I can't even fucking wash it off because it's so resistant to water, FUCK.
&& now I keep doing clumsy things like dropping my mobile phone every time it rings and people are all like "butter fingers" to me. FUCK. I guess butter fingers really has 'rubbed off' on me. I think I like him. Fucking retard.
by Aaron GGGGG September 13, 2007
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When a cheeky fuck sticks their finger into their anus, and then wipes their foul appendage across another person's nose. The result is the victim smelling the scent of ass for quite a while.

a.k.a. the foul appendage
Someone is staring off into the distance, captivated by some object or their own imagination, while unexpectedly a friend or foe comes from behind with their stinky finger and swipes it firmly under the nostrils of the unsuspecting victim. At first the victim is unaware, for it takes time for such a pungent odor to be accepted by one's senses, but then with a sudden rush the victim is plagued with the stench of poop. The scent is inescapable. Hence, one more casualty of the ButterFinger.
by PapaJoJoe May 16, 2008
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When one person sticks his/her finger up another person's butt in an awkard situation.
I was trying to order my ice cream when Hood gave me a "butterfinger"!
by Gadman June 10, 2009
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a liar/ someone whose lies slip through you're fingers like butter.
person 1: hey did you fuck my girlfriend last night??
person 2: hell no!
Person 1: stop being a damn butter finger.
Also, see definition nutter butter
by jaztheNB1 October 03, 2010
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When ur asshole is ripe and flowing with booty juice then u reem ur azz with ur finger and proceed with putting the stinky finger under another individual's nose. Can be used for self pleasure if one likes.
I gave this chick a surprised "butterfinger" while she was eating and she damn near cried!!!
by Pupman May 17, 2008
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