The resultant covered penis of heavily lubricated anal sex, looking much like a finger coated in butter.
After I was done with her I had a huge butterfinger, so I smacked her on the forehead with it a few times to get some of the shit off.
by smoog July 17, 2006
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when you take butter and put it on your fingers and shove them up a girls vagina.
i butterfingered that whore , she was buttered
by PolishWhore August 04, 2010
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To lube your finger up with butter and then insert into the rectum of another individual.
I'd like to butterfinger her!!!!!
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The preferred food of hentai-wanking Santa Claus look-alikes who put on fake British accents and want everyone to think they're cool.
Andy: All hail Dictator-for-Life Santa!

Me: Fuck off and die.

Andy: I'd *rother* eat this Butterfinger while I watch this Sailor Moon tape I borrowed from the substitute!

Me: I really did not need to know that.

Andy: But it made me cool, right? Oh, I injured myself somehow!
by Anarchist October 22, 2003
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Describing somebody who is clumsy with objects. Tends to drop them easily.
Example. balls, mugs, etc.
Also unable to catch things.
Origin. We all know that butter is really slippery, and butter fingers would mean your hands are really slippery, therefore unable to catch/hold things without dropping them.
How many times have you dropped our mugs!? You really have butter fingers.
by howdyRCS September 18, 2017
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The sexual act of spreading butter all over your penis and having another guy suck on it.
Man: would you like a butterfinger?
Boy: sure, what kind?
Man: it's in my pants.
Boy: ewwwwwwww

see Homosexual
also see Pedophile
by BR 4Shot August 28, 2010
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