when you see someone that just is undeniably the ugliest and the meaning of everything is good "but her face"
chad #1 : hey you see that steamin' body over there.
chad #2 : you mean that butterface... dood that be bad.
chad #1 : fuck ur right!
by rebellious skumbag May 28, 2019
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a girl with a rockin body but a face thats fugly
hey man liz is such a butterface its sad
by tylenol blah December 8, 2011
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The type of girl you want to fuck until you see her face. Then you just want to fuck her with a bag over her head.
Selena Spice is by far one of the most iconic butterfaces.
by Lmatic December 13, 2011
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the word douchebags use to describe girls who have nice bodies but not so nice faces. everything’s nice but her face, butterface.
“Yo, dude did you guys see the shirt alyssa was wearing today? damnnn!”

“yeah she’s got some nice tits.”

“she’s a total butterface dude”
by 연아 April 30, 2019
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