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similar to turkey neck, butter neck is usually used to describe an older person's neck that is so engorged with fat, that you could scrape the butter off that seeps out of the neck pores and put it on toast
Pat's butter neck is especially swollen today.

Yeah dude, she just finished a double big mac.
by d-large February 21, 2011
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A term referring to any magical or mythical creature beheaded on the CW show, Supernatural. A being who's head can be cut clean off in one swing using anything remotely sharp.
Wow Sammy, you cut off that vamps head with a pair of safety scissors. Those can't even cut paper... Guess that's why we call'em butternecks.
by Dickromanrox June 02, 2016
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The act of pulling out while hitting it from behind and shooting a direct hit on your partner's neck.
Every since my sister got her new boyfriend , she hasn't been very enthusiastic during tickle time. So I had to Butterneck her ass.
by Byronecombs March 16, 2018
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