Someone is acting like an ass but they are physically cute.
"Ron quit being such a butt-cake," exclaimed Hermione
by Not your's May 18, 2020
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the act of various men ejaculating on the face of a young women or old women and the women is getting a perverse pleasure out of it.
todd tomas and jeremy where going to buttcake tiff, but she didn't want to mess up here hair.
by todd allen June 12, 2007
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n. When you are baking cupcakes and you put too much batter in the little paper trays causing the cupcakes to rise and fatten during cooking. The result looks more like a butt than a cupcake.

Also correlates with Butt Muffins
Well, Lauren put too much batter in so it looks like we will be bringing butt cakes to the party instead. Did you buy more icing?
by Baker Matthew February 14, 2007
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A noun used to describe someone who's both delicious and full of shit.
OMG Becky, that Ronda girl is such a buttcake! You better keep a distance from her!
by TittyClashXOXO March 04, 2016
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A cake shaped like a butt. Not to be confused with bukkake.
I ate an excellent butt cake last night.
by psudeom January 30, 2018
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