When you've been holding your shit for so long, you get explosive diarrhea. Which in turn makes your taint or balls cold as fuck from sitting so long

Alaskan Butt Piss can also be used to describe the amount of toilet paper used which in turn looks like a piss soaked igloo
Alaskan Butt Piss fucking sucks dude, i spent two hours on the gotdamn toilet and i swear my nuts turned into raisins
by specialagent0s0 May 22, 2021
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When shit comes out of your ass as fast as piss would. Liquid in consistency and overly toxic to the nose.
After that Korean Kafe trip, i know ill be on the shitter with piss butt. Hopefully Junior Spivey can clean it up.
by Fernanado Vargas February 26, 2007
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adj. a word used in rehab for being over this shit; extremely annoyed

Created by Thomas Sylvester-Lay
Person A: "How's your inpatient program treating you?"
Person B: "They took my sheets. I'm butt-shit-pissed."

Person A: "I've been waiting to get discharged for an hour and a half. I'm butt-shit-pissed!"
by OcotilloPatient June 15, 2018
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the sexual act of a guy pissing in somebodies ass when giving anal, pulling their dick out, then immediately puts a buttplug in before the piss can leak out, after 2 weeks the recipient takes out the butt plug. releasing butt piss
by linkvov June 03, 2021
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