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People who perpetually complain and whine about things (particulartly in multi-player computer games) while using poor grammer and spelling. Butt people are generally immature low performers.

No sexual intent is implied.

Butt people tend to be lazy skackers who are much less competent then the people who they criticize. They can also be observed writing letters to the editor in newspapers, giving opinions in bars and on Fox news.
"Ok this was kinda ok for a few days butt people are trying to get things done in the game.
1. No sgems for crafting..."

(The above posting in Lineage2 Official Boards first coined the phrase)

"I wud pwn all u in the game butt people are better cause i drink when i play"

"Polititians r all corrupt xcept Sarah Pallin butt people keep electing the bums"
by RumPunch March 17, 2010
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The people that post butt pics on Pucksnaps and like it when creepy men stare at the pic for hours.
Also the people with small butts that do the duck walk to make their butts look bigger
Man #1: Whoa thats a nice butt
Man #2: Oh they are Butt People
Man #1: Oh
by Mike Hunt March 06, 2017
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