The peak point of sexual realtions between two people. Closely related to an orgasm the term "bust" is used when the male ejaculates during sexual relations somewhere other than the vagina or the mouth.
"Damn last night while y'all were sleeping that bitch was pumpin' me real hard and I bust all over her hand"
by -=A=- August 24, 2006
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A term used to describe the moment a person looses the ability to correctly use the English language.

When a person muddles up their sentence construction, when they say offside things or they just fuck up a simple sentence

Can be used to insult someone. Calling someone a bust is like calling them a fuck up, or a mistake.
Tshego: how many trees IS in your home.
Andrew: firstly you mean ARE, secondly I have 3 in my YARD. Shit, you bust more than anyone I know

How many times a day does Jones bust.

You look like a bust.
You're a walking bust.
by G-Tank.com October 04, 2018
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Used; verb, noun

1. To "ejaculate" or spill your juice. Also known as the gooey, slimy substance that pours out of a penis or clit usually from erousion or masterbation.

2. The act of; Ejaculation.

3. To put on. To place something onto a specefied object
Yo bitch, I'm about to fucking bust a nut all over your face.

Yeah baby, please bust that nut in my eye.
by Bust-A-Nut January 09, 2006
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the act of breaking apart marijuana to be rolled into a joint/blunt or smoked in a bong/bucket/pipe; sometimes done by hand or with scissors
This piece of bud may not look like much, but once you bust it you will be pleasantly surprised.
by J. Pads October 05, 2009
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to empty your load (to cum) on a girl's face
i couldnt help it. i just had to bust on her face when she made so hard.
by bigmister154 November 19, 2003
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