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Used in the D.C. area to describe some one shoot a gun at someone.
Or hear gunshots
My man had to bust off at them niggaz up the street.
by pizat September 10, 2003
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To take something from your bro that he needs. Like his clothes, his food, his money, his computer.
Drew: Yo, stop busting off my laptop!
Anthony: I NEED to check my myspace, that cute girl sarah is online
Drew: I don't give a fucking fuck go bust off someone else's laptop!
Anthony: nigger...
by Dr. Dreski December 25, 2009
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that straight fire ass weed/dro/marijuana/pot that will have you tweakin off a couple hits
yo that was some bust off im sooo blazed right now
by markmc92 June 09, 2008
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