A less known abbreviation for the term "bull sh*t" using the first two letters of each word. Coined by Shreye Saxena. Alludes to the administration of George W. Bush.
Stop bushing around!

You are soo full of bush.
by carync April 12, 2009
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not the best president, but better than anything the dems have had to offer for the last 55 years.

Please, John Kerry??? LOL well, come to think of it he'd have been better than barack as would anyone with at least a 2nd grade education.

his house is more eco friendly than ozone als, the greenie weenies hero.

better than carter, clinton, obama.... combined
gotta pick the bush of two evils.
by JeKeLZ February 04, 2010
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A game where people will try to push other people into bushes whilst shouting 'bush' at them to gain satisfaction out of others' pain. This normally happens between a group of drunks.
After being bushed -
'That is not a bush!'
by Fraisin January 05, 2010
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A colliquial term for friend or mate. Originates from the romany word for 'good friend', 'mush' being used in the phrase "mush from another bush" (as a variant on "brother from another mother" or "chap from another flap") in which 'bush' is used to mean the pubic hair and the sexual organ located beneath of the mother of the individual in question.
by hopcock May 17, 2011
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