1. The president, and a very moonstruck one at that.
2. A disgrace to bushes and all alike.
3. The biggest mistake.
1. Justin: Damn, Bush made me feel smart.
2. More trees, less Bush.
3. Damn I might have flunked that test, but did you see Bush on T.V. yesterday?
by Myst November 15, 2004
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What?! You can't control your teen daughter??... It's a Bush...
by John November 20, 2003
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1) An unsightly growth which should be cut as soon as it is publicly noticed (but sometimes isn't).
2) Pubes.
Some tend to say bush is a good thing. Others tend to be right.
by TK March 11, 2005
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The most hapless and least effective President of the United States of America sinse Herbert Hoover. Career highlights include being arrested for drunk driving, choking on a pretzel and refusing to pass a hate crimes law in Texas while governor.
"Bush is a dumb piece of shit who hates poor people and can't read"
"Damn right"
by 2mart4u October 06, 2005
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The Destroyers of the Worlds.
Bush lied to us, given the fact we lost the war, not by casulties, but by our mission objectives.
1. To miniumize citizen casulties
(weve killed hundreds of thousands of them)
2. To find Weapons of Mass Destruction
(weve found nothing)
3. To Stop Country's opression
(Terrorist are regaining power on our blind spot)
Bush equals to the likes of hitler.
Bush Said theres not going to be a draft. Lies. Were going to attack iran very soon.
Bush Wasted more than 150 billion dollars to fund this war.
With that money we couldve spent it on schools, Pay for hospital treatments, and save millions of lives.
What do we do? kill millions more.

Bush's attack list
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
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1) moronic, war-mongering, trigger-happy, lazy, manipulative, stuck-up, homophobic, lying, Republican asshole

2) Great band known from songs such as "glycerine", "swallowed" and "greedy fly"
1) I love bush he's an awesome president *friend walks by with t-shirt saying "I hate Bush"* I hate bush, he's such an ego (*cough hypocrit*cough*)
2) "don't let the day come byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, glycerine......."
by Ine/ dude, the cheese February 22, 2004
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