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an annoying sniper in a fps that hides in bushes and doesnt do shit for his team.

also an appropriate term for a lesbian
Dude! I was running through the trees and a bunch of bush wookies sniped me
by amm9487 April 01, 2010
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One who plays a shooting game, but hides at the edge of the map, hiding in a bush with a sniper rifle, not helping their team.
look at that bushwookie trying to snipe from that bush
by IllegalFun May 25, 2010
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Gaming slang: first/third-person shooter or FPS video games; type of player behaviour.

Related terms: camper, noob

A disparaging term used by gamers that refers to players who attempt to play a "sniper" role in fast-paced, tactical FPS games. Such players will typically hide (usually amongst foliage) far away from map areas where most of the other players are fighting (i.e. too far away to be useful). They will then proceed to take occasional pot-shots at distant enemy players that rarely result in a hit, let alone a kill. Bush Wookies can be identified on servers by looking for players who always use sniper rifles, have been connected for some time, and yet maintain a low number of deaths and an even lower number of kills (kill assists are equally rare due to the lone wolf nature of the Bush Wookie).

This type of player behaviour is frowned upon because it deviates from the teamplay focus of these games and effectively leaves the team one soldier short (see team balance). Usually suggestive either of a player who is very new to this type of game or a player who, though familiar with the game, stubbornly insists on playing this way. The latter may be the result of some form of mental retardation or a penchant for shrubbery...or both.

Related reference: the 'ghillie suit' worn by the sniper/recon class of soldier in some games gives the impression of a hairy, wookie-like creature (see Star Wars - Chewbacca).
Example 1: “Too many camping bush wookies playing on this server.”

Example 2: “See lone bush on hill. Shoot at bush. Wait for death scream emanating from bush.” (See: Monty Python, “How not to be seen”)
by trivialgamer December 19, 2010
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The name a growing population of diabolical yet kind creature who roam first person shooter games with a soft fur that resembles a bush, their arms are sniper rifles and their genitals are detachable and are used to stab enemies in desperate measures, their behavior consists of: camping,acting like bushes, killing humans first, suicidal behavior, they love to be in vehicals that are stationary, they are armed with smoke grenades, they do a care package ritual dance and dont do anything until the last 0:45 seconds search and destroy games.
-\\how to be a bush wookie//-
PERK1: Ghost (your fur that cant be seen by spy planes or u.a.v.'s)
PERK2: Anything of your choice
PERK3: Ninja (to keep you silent from your prey)
PRIMARY WEAPON: Any sniper rifle
SECONDARY WEAPON: Ballistic Knife, or Crossbow or silenced handgun (NO DUAL HANDGUNS)
LETHAL: tomahawk
TACTICAL: smoke bombs
EQUIPMENT: claymore
FACE PAINT: depends on terrain
("friendly U.A.V. online!") *gamer 1* "dude i don't see anyone on my radar, and their is a U.A.V. up!!!" *gamer 2* " we are in bush wookie territory boys!!!"
by bushwook mvment2011 January 04, 2011
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(n) a term used in the call of duty online community to describe a player who sits and hides in a bush with the ghost perk equipped. This player is often considered a camping douche bag by the opposite team and is asked to throw his or her game disc out a window.
Damn, we're playing against so many bushwookies today!

We wouldn't have lost if there weren't so many bush wookies on the other team.
by NellsterZzz January 27, 2011
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