Slang for "gun"
Rapper: Somethin' might... Boof, baow, baow, run with a burner
Lyric of Attempted 2.0 - AM
by Exless November 7, 2020
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A swim practice that obliterates your body, mind, and soul. It leaves you lifeless.
We had an absolute barn burner today. I went home and took a 12 hour nap!
by largeMan234 February 23, 2022
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Very amazing drag queen that should’ve won drag race , got robbed tbh.
by Ur mother is carrots November 24, 2021
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Sex position typically used by Peace Corps volunteers with no eyebrows.

You stand over the object of fornication, ejaculating into their eyes, saying "I am the captain now." Bonus points if you have aids or some other west African STD.
I totally hit her with the West African Burner last night. She's in for a nasty white blood cell count surprise a year or so from now, but who cares! I'll be out of this continent by then.
by DSoPaB April 6, 2017
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Quite simply, a word burner is someone or some group who wants to ban words they disagree with. They will attempt to ban words outright or they will attempt to change the words meaning, claiming only they know the meaning of words.

Similar to the book burners of the past and present, word burning is a more insidious form of censorship. Not allowing you to read something is one thing, not allowing you to say something is a whole new ball game.
Say the wrong word and a word burner will correct you on the spot.
by 2B+ November 29, 2022
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n. like a backseat driver, but with cooking.
My girl wanted me to cook for her one night, but she kept telling me what I was doing wrong and changing things around to make it "better." She's such a back-burner chef!
by the_lololagist September 26, 2010
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Much like a burner phone, is one of those days you deal with because you have to, but want to be done with as quickly as possible.
The big boss was in the office Thursday, total burner day.
by is this pseudonym also taken November 1, 2020
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