A person who has joined the cult of Burningman, Regionals and the like.

Member of the Burningman tribe, someone who drinks the burner kool-aide
I am a Burner, my life revolves around Burningman. That person is a burner
by Yash 2.0 February 15, 2021
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A professional sports team that, by order of the universe, dooms your betting ticket if attached in any way.
Sports bettor 1: I'm taking Colts ML. You in?
Sports bettor 2: Nah, the Colts are one of my burners. Not touching them.
by samjhoff August 16, 2020
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A person who uses you for everything you have in regards to getting high and drunk. You'll know you've found one when you wake up in the morning and they're still sleeping on your couch.
Don't have a baby with a burner. Just good advice.
by Dirt Lucky September 27, 2021
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When a person can move/run really quick
Damn josh got them burners
by Fattypatty04 April 26, 2021
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One who poops in line at a discount supermarket instead of farting, and stays in line.
Tina is such a mess. She did a burner on line at the Associated supermarket and she didn't even go home right away. She stayed in line, posted about it and bought her taco mix anyway.
by bighunkk July 16, 2016
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A person obsessed by the Burning Man festival and rules of the festival (gift giving, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression)
-Oh, i thought you where a true burner, and you have only been there once?!
by Mongoat July 12, 2018
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Slang for "gun"
Rapper: Somethin' might... Boof, baow, baow, run with a burner
Lyric of Attempted 2.0 - AM
by Exless November 7, 2020
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