When you burn really badly, then in a few days it fades to a color that vaguely resembles tan.
I totally burned when I went to the beach a couple days ago, but now I have a totally sweet burn tan!
The act of putting 'Deep Heat' around ones genital area and embracing the immense pain as the mentholatum is absorbed.
He was so drunk he tried Burning Raw Meat! Poor guy didn't know what hit him.
by ButtPiracy101 January 18, 2013
Burning troy means to smoke some weed.
I'm about to sip alil wine while burning troy.
by ~QS~ December 6, 2015
a curry so spicy people think there face is melting while they are eating it.
went to an indian restaurant last night to have a mild curry and it turned out to be a burn your face off curry had a beer and 2 litres of milk to cool me down.
by whiteghost3 January 22, 2014
When you say "ur mum gay" and someone replies with "no u"
Person 1: Ur mum gay
Person 2: No u
(Person 1 gets 20th degree burns on every part of their body)
by MakeUDGreatAgain February 18, 2021
A child's or dad's way of saying Bernie Sanders in a corny way.
Did you hear about Burn-y Sanders?
Yes, he should be the democrat's number one canidate!
No, Burn-ing Sanders poo poo brain
Giving someone a Dirty Sanchez with the clap (gonorrhea) white, yellow, or green discharge.
by DonDragQuixote May 20, 2022