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Burghley girls are the bottom of the food chain, the girls in burghley have no sense of humour neither do they have a personality. Burghley girls will consistently try to beg friend Camden girls and rarely make friends with the Camden girls, this is due to the fact that they are hated due to their beg friending nature, terrible personalities and their lack of alcohol or drugs. In response the Burghley girls go through an important evolution during their time in burghley, this evolution is called the 'fake Camden girl' this is when the Burghey girls go into a shopping spree and buy any kind of clothing that'll let them resemble what a Camden girl wears, this includes: fish nets, vintage designer brands and a fresh pair of Vapormax 97s, sadly the evolution doesn't effect them positively it instead worsens their relationship with the Camden girls as well as to awaken a new evil called the 'those guys who bang out ket and chill with the Camden lot'. In conclusion the story of the 'burghley girl' is a very sad one, however there will always be two or three (maybe more) safe burghey girls who aren't as desperate and pretenuous as the rest.
"Allow inviting burghley girls, they're bare wet"
"Rah they barely bring anything besides a single can of Kopperberg"
"Why are they always posting pictures of alcohol on their snap"
"Saw some Burghley girl conk out after a sip of strongbow
by BigBongDingPingZing June 06, 2018
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