A word to describe one's homosexual relationship with a man.
Sugar is Gaz's Bunny. He likes the cock!
by Gaz February 03, 2003
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Something that is stupid and unexpected.

Pronounced "BUH-NEE!" in the style of the character from Nightmare Before Christmas who excitedly proclaimed BUH-NEE! upon seeing the easter Bunny.
There is no proper sentence structure for this word. It is a statement unto itself. Example: You see someone/thing stupid and you can't believe what you're seeing. You point at the person/event and proclaim "BUH-NEE!"
by R February 25, 2004
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a hot momma who always wants to touch you... but for money
hey bunny i wanna touch that ass... oh yea thatll be 500 dollars
by Lex Miester August 04, 2006
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To hop from one person in a chat room to another, just using the first for attention
Rp guy: Hey cutie
Girlyboy: Hey!~
/guy roleplay joins chat/
Guy Roleplayer: Hey guys.
Girlyboi: Oh my.. Hey there stud~ * winks at Guy Roleplayer*
Rp guy: Wow, stop bunnying.
by Bunniboi April 13, 2012
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