Any woman who won't smile sweetly at a man who swans off lumbering her with all the responsibilities.
Eg: "She asked you to pay child support and take an interest in your kids?? Wow, what a bunny boiler!"
by Notyourdoormat August 24, 2020
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A thirsty person that usually tries to steal another’s boyfriend or girlfriend.
(At shopping centre)
Josie:did you hear that Nicole tried to steal that hot guy Jãmes of Ashley
Halena: yeah, she’s such a bunny boiler
by Walzer August 5, 2018
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A loose woman ,a woman who has many sexual partners

Bunny's hop and have a lot of sex

A bunny boiler hops from man to man
She's a bunny boiler she hops from man to man
by Scarlett sparkle April 11, 2022
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Someone who dresses, acts, speaks sp weird they seem like they would kill animals for fun
"Did you see what Alex was wearing last night, he seemed like such a bunny boiler"
"I can't believe she said that! That is so bunny boiler of her"
"He's been acting real bunny boiler lately"
by bunny boiler June 29, 2015
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