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"All we need is some skinny men in vests and a stupid shaped pitch with too many goal posts !!"

If you don't know what Aussie rules is basically it's rugby - a traditional English sport (sport as in "game" not "mate") but each team has 39 players on the pitch, and a special 9 feet tall goal keeper (the Aussies call him the "bungle rusher") The object of the game is to try and throw an egg around while drunk on fosters and castlemaine XXXX without throwing up (guzzlechucks) If your bungle rusher kicks the ball too high in the air everyone calls him a bloody fool and spits at him, then it's a round of shots.

"Bladdy hill miyte, wots this "Ragby" oy keep hearing abaaat?"

When the shots are down the hatch it's back to moaning at the bungle rusher (remember he's the 13 feet tall goalie bloke sport chap) Now at this point if one of the more skinny blokes seems a bit dizzy then just hit him with a pan, pans get thrown on the pitch by ugly men and chimpanzees.

In Australia, women can either marry a man or one of many different types of ape. Women who prefer their men rough and hairy will benefit from this option but make sure your ape is wearing a see, Australia is where AIDS began, a lot of Aussies used apes for sex and got infected, then ran across to the UK to join the gay craze and it spread like some kind of out of control blaze, or wild fire as it were (and Aussies know a lot about that)
"Bladdy hill miyte, wots this "Ragby" oy keep hearing abaaat?" Bungle Rusher
by Vipersthememe April 18, 2018
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