A term used in rugby describing when a player with the ball places their arms over their chest protecting the ball and tilting their chest downwards when charging like a bull at the opposing team. When the player with the ball connects with an opposing player and the opposing player flies off or bounces off the ball carrier, this is referred to as a bung.
Roan : Fucking hell Yan you just bunged that puny fuck 4 years into the future!

Yan : Yeah I know I've been working on my bung recently. I'm fucking massive now mate.
by BharwaniPatrol September 13, 2018
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to bung is to smoke weed. You wouldn't be bunging while smoking weed, it can only be used to say you do smoke weed.
Yo man do you bung?
Hell yeah I got some gorilla glue man just going to roll one
I didn't realise you bunged ? Mind if you roll me one?
by RastaBasta November 19, 2016
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Opposite of hung. Hung is another word for a big dick, Bung is the opposite of that meaning the person has a small dick.
Person 1: β€œYo i heard Logan was Hung”

Person 2: β€œNah famn, he was bung..”
by Noonaa April 23, 2018
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Guy: Guess what I did last night?
Guy 2: What did you do?
Guy: i BUNG your mom
by MILK AKA LORD SAAM September 10, 2018
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A notorious shit-hole bar in the heart of springfield that retards, meatheads, and overdressed sluts go to drink one dollar beers between the hours of 5 and 8 pm on thursday nights.
also known as Bung-a-hoes
"Yo, dick, meet me at The Bung"
"What are you up to tonight?"
"Nuttin', just hittin The Bung"
by guynicely September 02, 2007
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