1.When someone is being an extreme loser, or doing something that only an extreme loser would do.

2.An area where several bum fuck people convene. (these places often emit a bum fuck aura.)
"That guy is a bum fuck."

"why are you watching the disney channel? You're 17 years old. God damn it! You're having a Bum Fuck."

"All the cool people left that spot, and now only the bum fuck remains."
by Aika April 26, 2006
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a person who comes to your place of residence at severely inapropriate times to eat all of your food fuck up all of your shit and then leaves when you are about to shove a fucking 12 gauge right up his ass.
god damn it alex is such a bum fuck he came to my house at dinner time all all of my food and then tha bastard left!!!
by atticus sagita syn September 25, 2005
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When you insert you penis or strap on if a woman, onto a dirty hobos ass, or a person named Bumfred. If you get aids it not my fault.
Damn Billy, did you see Robert get Bumfucked yesterday?
by Bum Fucking Fred March 18, 2006
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(n) Someone who never has any money to speak of, constantly bumming cigarettes and anything else that he can his hands on. A disgrace to human nature. Also usually very stupid, and never takes any showers.
"Alan Sorenson is a stupid bum fuck."

"Hey did you guys here that retarded bum fuck Alan thinks he's having a huge party? What a jackass..."
by Kris "King" Kompton April 08, 2010
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To dribble on the end of a spliff while inhaling, thus making the end soggy.
Awww, someone bumfucked the zoot!
by Mark-oner May 29, 2005
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One who is lazy, has no friends and does not know how to have fun. Cries to their mom anytime someone says no to them and tries to ruin the life of that person.
"Dude I had this bum fuck roommate in college, Alexis Furkioti. She tried reporting me for illegal drugs and alcohol, but failed miserably."

"We all know a bum fuck in our lives"

"Bum fucks get what bum fucks deserve"

"It smells like bum fuck in there because she's a fucking bum fuck"
by merry chrismuh December 12, 2018
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