Someplace hard to get to and generally undesirable; the boonies or toolies.
I asked her out once, but then I found out she lived in Bumfuck Egypt, so I dropped her.
by cornholio October 11, 2003
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A term used to describe any middle-of-nowhere, backwoods area, particularly one that is a long distance away. Derived from bumfuck, also used to describe a similar location. The addition of "egypt" originated in the Midwest, describing the "Little Egypt" region of Illinois, an extremely rural area compared to the urban Northern Illinois. See also BFE.
We had to drive all the way out to bum fuck egypt to pick her up.
by Mz. S September 30, 2006
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Actually, it means that you live in the middle of nowhere - in the boonies - out in the boondocks - in an extremely rural or out-of-the-way area. Destination has nothing to do with it.
If the nearest place to buy gas for your car is an hour's drive away, you live in bumfuckegypt!
by RAVENNY August 23, 2007
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Any of the many extremely remote and inhospitable military outposts where U.S service men or women are assigned to serve.
For the last year of my hitch, they sent me to Bumfuck Egypt to guard the sand.
by Walt Alexander March 20, 2004
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Having to park your car on the otherside of the college campus when classes are in a closer building.
I was late to class because I had to park in bumfuck Egypt.
by Julie March 09, 2004
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