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A Nigga that has no job, Dont take care of his kid (s), worries about what bitch to fuck next and not about his money, and Sits around somebody house playing video games and turning up with somebody else alcohol. Yo mind on clothes and not getting yo shit together and going to school and paying bills.
Mark is a bum ass nigga he's not doing shit with life living off the state think he getting money ass nigga.
by MayMayLove September 23, 2014
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pronounced: bum/ass/nig-uh
1. adj. One who is doing nothing with their life.

2. noun. Gerado
Gerardo is a bum ass nigga for going out with Liz. Considering he used to talk mad shit about her and the fact that she's allergic to latex. =
by JaCc Hoff July 18, 2008
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A bum ass nigga, is a nigga with no life who has no intentions on having a life, a bum, and usually hates on real niggas.
Krystal Wilson is a bum ass nigga, do you see Krystal she is such a bum ass nigga.
by Realassnigga474 September 04, 2014
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