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n. A screenshot fabricated by a company to misrepresent the graphics of a game; a combination of the words bullshit and screenshot.

Originated from Penny Arcade, a popular gaming webcomic.
-Have you seen Madden 2006 for the Xbox 360? The graphics are gonna be awesome!
-Dude, the Madden 2006 images they showed at E3 were bullshots. It doesn't look nearly as good as they said.
by Worker Unit #503,298,545 September 13, 2005
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n.(1) a term used in reference to any video game screen shot that is modified by a publisher to generate hype for it's product. Bullshots look a lot better than the actual game.(combination of Bullshit and Screenshot)

n.(2) modified from it's initial definition bullshot can be used to describe any picture that makes a person seem more attractive than he/she really is.

(1)Those screens I've seen for Barie Wild Horse Rescue were complete bullshots.

(2)I've seen your girlfriend in person. Her facebook photos were complete bullshots.
by fluffysac November 02, 2007
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noun. Term coined for mass use by the creators of Penny Arcade, referring to prettied-up (typically CG'ed)screenshots of a game in development. These screenshots are then used to create appeal and/or hype for the game prior to its release, but do not show actual in-game graphics.
See the latest bullshot of That Amazing Game 3? There's no way it looks that good.
by Alexandre Campeau September 12, 2005
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Fantastic spec video game screenshots that obviously do not reflect the actual quality of the game's graphics. Intended to generate unrealistic hype. Conflation of bullshit and screenshot. Coined by Gabe of
That Madden '06 pic is total bullshot.
by Pilcrow September 12, 2005
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A word created by Penny Arcade's Gabe (but credited to Tycho) to describe the first round of screenshots of a game. We know it lies, but because we want them to be real, we suspend our belief. You need a word like Bullshot at the ready, as though it were holstered, just to phrase the odd, skeptical enthusiasm engendered by these specious materials.
The E3 presentation of Killzone 2 was complete bullshot.
by Potent New Lingo September 12, 2005
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