verb. The rambunctious insertion of a member into ANY anus.
Byron: Steve, you never want to cuddle after you bull me.

Steve: Shut the fuck up, bitch! Go wash your ass.
by Steve Daley August 21, 2006
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A word to describe something used when you really don't feel like desribing it. Can be used both positively and negatively.
Mmmmmm, this bull is hella good!

Fuck that, that's hella bull!

Can you grab that bull over there for me?

What is all this bull?

Where'd all this bull come from?

Who's bull is that anyway?

Who mixed this Red bull with my Jagermeister?

That is a bull dog.

Who drank all my bull ice?

That bull is bulla bull!
by hella_bull March 20, 2005
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Used as an acronym by members of the LA based bloods gang meaning Bloods Ussually Live Longer. Sometimes the chicago Bulls sports team wear is worn to represent this.
That dog always B wearing bulls clothes to represent his family.
by CD April 7, 2003
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it is an nickname that bloods call each other. it stands for bloods usually live longer.
Say bull chunk me a dime so i can hit dis stain.
by Yemaya December 12, 2007
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A Male that is dominant in the bedroom and has a high amount of stamina.
Last night was amazing; When he told me he was a bull in the sack he wasn't kidding.
by Kraygazm April 22, 2019
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Males who get involved with couples. The third party in cuckold lifestyle. Often involves elements of BDSM.
Me and my wife are looking for a new bull to entertain us.
by Johnwick98 August 18, 2021
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A Bull is the giver in the Cuckold dynamic, a bull is typically someone who enjoys being the person fucking someone else’s wife, but It can also be used generally to identify someone who’s kink primarily surrounds a large cock
“god I so loved when that bull rearranged my guts in front of my husband last Tuesday night
by breakme August 5, 2020
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