synonym for police, detectives, f.b.i., a.t.f., d.e.a., i.r.s., i.n.s., e.p.a, d.o.e, d.o.i, n.s.a., f.s.a, n.s.c., d.o.j., c.i.d., o.s.i., u.s.m., f.p.s., b.i.a, i.a.l.e., u.s.c., u.c.g., u.m.p. u.s.d.a. and another law organization which holds authority.
lou walks in the bar with his wife 4days after lou and jimmy pulled a heist.
jimmy -"what the FUCK is a matter with you?! we a got a million bucks looking at us and you go and buy a 20 thousand dollar mink coat?"
lou -"sorry jimmy"
jimmy -"take it back, NOW i don't care where you got it but get out of here!"
by x January 24, 2004
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Often used in the saying "Bull Crap" or "Bull Shit".

This is from a very old French verb, boule, which means "to lie"
He bouled.
by Someone December 21, 2003
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A bull is a person who buys securities in anticipation of selling them later at a higher price
See that guy,? He is buying all the shares
He must be a bull
by RedWhiteAndBlack April 30, 2015
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a policeman or dectective. More respectable term than pig
Jack got picked up by the bulls last night!
by The Thinker June 21, 2003
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A guard in the California Penal System.
"Dude, when the Bulls say 'chow', move fast and quiet!"
by mainframe October 31, 2003
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People you hang out with, people you know...people in general...
"Who the fuck are these bulls"
"This bull"
"You bulls getting hammered later?"
by UNCbrett March 28, 2007
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