.A dead dog that was killed by a murderer

The murderer gave him chocolate (it is poisonous for dogs she is really dumb).
Now its a joke like sis grow up it is only a dead dog.
He lived for 14 years R.I.P
Bull bafucking kever ahoti bull met!
by Bullmet November 21, 2019
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When you are at the barber, getting a fresh cut, and you feel the buzzer slip and shave your hair too far back.
Person 1-What happend to your hair dude?
Person 2-My barber gave me a New Jersey Bull Dozer because I didn't tip him last time.
by Angrybarber16 December 13, 2017
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The male version of a cameltoe. When your balls are so tight in your jeans that it has the appearance of a bull hoof.
Fuck man, my jeans are really crampin’ my balls right now”
“Dude, you’re totally bull hoofin’ it!”
by Bullhoofer October 12, 2022
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