The inability for the guy to control his excitement for 8 seconds when doing his girl.
Jesus Howie! 8 seconds? That was a Goddamn bull ride.
by Howie the Hog April 07, 2018
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While doing reverse cowgirl, pull out and put it in her ass. Try to keep her on for 8 seconds.
I tried to reverse Bull ride my girlfriend but only kept her on for 5 seconds.
by Smallishrabbit January 13, 2021
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Put you're girl into doggy style, slowly pegging her. Then, lean forward, wisper another girl's name in her ear, and see how long you can hold on to the beast.
"Hey Johnny, guess what I did last night? I tried the rodeo bull ride last night! Though Beth dumped me, it was worth it!"
by SteamPunk2048 July 24, 2021
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A sex position in which you wear a hot sauce covered condom and have rough anal sex and try to hold on as your partner thrashes around.
Why’d you and Jessica break up?
Because she wanted to spice up the bedroom she thought role play I thought the spiced bull ride.
by Randolph halpenhimer September 08, 2020
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