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The location of the Bull Dykes where they swarm and hoan their bull dyke-ish thoughts and their typical bull behaviors. Entering a hive is highly dangerous and never recommended. If unwelcomed the bull dyke's queen will emit a chemical pheromone, next the most bullish dyke will sit on your face while the other dozen in the hive will appear from with dry solid fists in a synchronized fisting movement. Unfortunately for the individual they never walk the same and show the familiar post buldyke hive scarring.

Sex: As true to Bull Dykes, they have sworn off vaginal sex and only pleasure themselves in the ass
Smell: A hive is easily smelt from vast distances. One can usually tell if they are very close if they begin to vomit in their mouths. At this point it is recommended to immediately turn around and run from the fists that are bound to be swarming.
She went over to Jen's house. Next thing i knew she was a hairy smelly bull dyke. Must have been the bull dyke hive

I was walking to class when i saw a bull dyke hive. There were fists on the windows and a musty smell of bull.
by TeeeJaaaayyy September 30, 2006
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