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drama based on completely pointless and irrelevant topics. more often than not, all out fallacies. drama that is boring, or just a way for bored folk to pass the time.
person a: Hey, I heard you misspelled my name the other day. You better learn to spell it right bitch.

person b: Stfu summer-cunt. I'll spell it however the hell I want to and be damned your pseudo-intellectual crock of consequences!


person a: B misspelled my name and refused to spell it correctly. They're a whore, a moron, and everyone should hate them for that purpose.

person c: stfu with your bull drama. i have better things to do.
by graph0maniac December 06, 2009
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the combination of a bull-shit situation and the melodrama of a women. usually used with context to men. usually ends in an awkward silence.
guy #1: i'm sick of the bull-drama that i receive on a daily basis from alec.

guy #2: yeah he's like a melodramatic girl
by thenemesishasarrived November 21, 2011
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