100 pounds. Can be modified to express other weights; for example, a buck-ten would be 110 pounds.
What do you weigh, anyway? A buck-ten?
by rieux November 27, 2003
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Adjective or adverb. Originally used as the short form for "buckwild", but can be used in a variety of ways, and has a variety of meanings.

1. insane, wild, crazy

2. yes

3. very, or really
1. Whoa, did you see that drunk guy? he was going buck!

2. Q. Yo, did you hit that last night? A. Buck

3. That chick's face was buck wierd looking...

Can also be used by saying "the buckness"
example: "That lightning storm last night was the buckness"
by Bobby Wham October 17, 2006
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a form of speech whereby the user expresses his anger towards another; this word can also be used as a form of annoying others when prolonging the "u" sound.
Anthony's disgust towards Catherine's worthlessness drove him to buck. What a site it was!
by Mr. Mueit April 23, 2009
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An alternate way of saying 'fuck', used in the classroom when one does not want to get in trouble for swearing.

Coincides with other substitutes. Examples include 'ship' for shit, 'ax' for ass and 'fitch' for bitch.
Classroom Thug 1: Fitch, did you just steal my pen?

Classroom Thug 2: Buck you, I didn't steal ship.

Classroom Thug 1: You bucking liar, I'll kick your bucking ax!
by Andrewwwwkhu June 03, 2010
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to void your bowels in a violent manner; to vomit profusely
Hey Ian after finishing that massive Monte Cristos meal, I'm about to buck all over your living room flaaarr.
by Bucker69 August 06, 2020
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A noun used to describe a vehicle that has leather and wood accents. The term originated in Houston. It is often referred to as “riding on buck.”

“All my cars got leather and wood, in my hood we call it buck” - Pimp C
Mann! Look at his SLAB. He is draped up and dripped out. That playa is ridin on buck.
by Spooky J the Slime Prince July 23, 2018
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