yo man u got bucked pretty bad homes
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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1. Adj.- metaphorical juxtaposion of the effect of being bucked (standard def.) by a donkey, as it pertains to an existential circumstance

2. V.- to cause physical or mental impairment; to harm

3. Adv.- in a recieving or delivering state of buckage.
"A donkey bucked me in mah mouf and I bust my toof!"

"That donkey just bucked his dignity."

"I dropped so much acid.. dude I was bucked."

"Don't sit on a cactus, you'll get bucked."

"Don't play with a scorpion, you'll get bucked."
by HoboTron April 09, 2007
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To be strucken on the side of your head with the butt end of an object.
"Gun Bucked"
"You want me to Buck you with my phone"
"Yo the bitch purse bucked me"
by Davzies Boy January 15, 2003
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Man, I was so bucked last night my girl left me for another man. Sad Face
by T3hMa5ta January 12, 2014
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