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brownberry (v) – to send a message, via Blackberry wireless device, from the crapper. A practice highly frowned upon in civilized societies.
(v) Wasn't Fred in the bathroom? He must have brownberried me.

(n) I just came from the bathroom, and someone in the stall was sending a brownberry.
by Sid Nation February 02, 2006
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Those whop use their Blackberry handheld email devices while on the toilet at work. Indicative of an age where you cant even have a S**t in peace.
I was just in the loo and the guy in the loo next to me was sending Brownberrys.
by AntonyBaker December 21, 2004
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The name for a Blackberry that has been dropped into a toilet. Ultimately the fate of all Blackberry hand-held devices, as more and more people will not stfu in the loo.
(Scene: Corporate Bathroom)
Boss: This is the last time, Ed. You hear me? I'm gonna march down there and --
Employee: DAMNIT!
Adjacent stall: Serves you right. Now fish out your Brownberry and let me squeeze this out in peace. Damn.
by JulienD June 05, 2007
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