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to 'go to brown town' with someone means to have anal sex with them
I want to go to brown town with Vanessa.
by cErTiFiEd December 14, 2004
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An informal name for the anus, mostly used in the context of having anal sex with someone ("take sb. to browntown").
We'll bend you over, then we'll take you to browntown - Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (2006)
by Aris Boch August 10, 2011
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Blandford Forum is a small town in Dorset, England where around 65% of the population take some form of illegal drug.
This has given the town the nickname Brown Town, probably after many the fact that so many drugs are of a brown colour.
Blandford Forum has absolutely no police coverage whatsoever, making this drug scene very easy to pull off, as seeing people walking down the street with spliffs in their hands is a regular occurence.
Blandford resident: I'm from Blandford
Londoner: You're from fuckin' Brown Town?
by Seb Lee August 15, 2007
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A crew or group of people consisting mostly or entirely of British Asians. It is considered to be cool to be a part of this group due to the groups high social stature. Usually found in large groups socialising/facebooking on the second floor, or at any event where Rnb/Hip Hop/Bhangra is played. Between them, Browntown will know the majority of the community they are a part of.
1) That guy Arjun is HOT! He's probably the best looking guy in Browntown ;)

2) Are we going out tonight? All of Browntown are going so it should be good!
by agdolla January 25, 2009
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