Used to describe situations when an individual feels as thought he has to crap, but he hits the can and only long farts come out.
Bill Viverito, my personal bathroom attendant thought he was slick and tried to crap, but after a long delay it was determined that there was a sustained brown out.
by Gary Gnu October 01, 2004
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Taking a dump on someone's face while they are a bitch in a drunken state. The victim only partially remembers the incident because they are a bitch.
Because Jill called Joe "cheap" about dining out, Joe decided to brown out all over that bitch's face.
by Gspeter May 08, 2008
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1. A female medical condition typified by a sore anus immediately following a long night of intoxication accompanied by periods of blacking out.
2. Whilst passed out, you are anally violated.
Sally: Did you go home with that guy last night?
Mandy: Yeah, we didnt have sex but my ass really hurt this morning when I woke up.
Sally: Oh God Mandy, you were so drunk last night, did you pass out at his house?
Mandy: uhhh, Suppose I could have...
Sally: oh Mandy! Sounds like you had a brownout!

Tyrone: I drank three foties last night and damn nigga, my ass hurt like a mothafucka this morning!
Dirty Nate: Ahh shit bro. I raped yo booty last. You got a brownout.
Tyron: Oh Tyrone. You wily scamp!
by pap smear ribbon September 12, 2010
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Brown out is another term used to describe a skidmark.
Dude, I think you need wipe after that fart โ€” and check fro brown outs while yer at it.
by mangus May 24, 2004
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Blacking out so hard you accidentally shit your-self. The morning after realizing this officially makes you a victim of a brown-out.
A. After eating taco bell extremely blacked out, "some dude" had a brown out.

B. After having a brown out, no guys would touch insert name of some girl anymore, fearing she might get drunk and crap all over.

C. Dude I browned out and woke up with more than just a bad hangover.
by Mofftits December 02, 2009
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1.if you are playing some sort of video game or any sort of game, when you need to poop, instead of calling time-out you call a brown out.
2.pausing an activity to take a shit.
This video game is so fun. O, god here it comes into my lower bowels. i can't stand it any longer. I gotta go poo so badly!
"brown out!, gotta go take a poo"
by I.C. Big Weiner June 06, 2007
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