A team that sucks ass so big. they wish they were Pittsburgh. Has a Bulldog as mascot which looks similar to the people from there butt ass ugly... Never even been to a Superbowl and haven't had a winning season since god knows when. You can distinguish a Browns fan by watching them on Interstate 279N by the way they drive...., With there heads between their legs like a dog that has pissed on the rug. Crappy town with douche-bag fans. It is always fun to Rag on them cuz its so easy, much easier than bung-hole fans...
" Man did Yinz guys see that we just wooped the browns forty-one to zero"

" Yinz know I hate the browns, they are fuckin losers much more than seattle. "

In poker games with my buddies we say "brown out" instead of "fold" this signifies how bad the hand sucks.

Cleveland named after a man that invented the toilet thus the team was partnering with the city on a team name hence the browns and thats the only heritage they have.

Other names for cleveland:

"mistake by the lake", " City where lame comic Drew Carey resides and is actually proud of., Place where obesity and sucking ass goes hand in hand, Example: Drew carey,browns

Be safe and remember "Friends don't let friends live in Ohio"
by Steelers Rock Yinz Guys September 07, 2006
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A color associated with waste matter. More typical, association of a stain that can be traced back to poor personal hygiene. Many times, one would use the term brown or in the plural sense, browns, as describing a poorly performing professional football team.
Bill: Whoa! I'll never do your laundry again as I spied brown stains in your underpants!

Frank: I know, funny isn't it, sort of reminds you of the Cleveland Browns. Did my underwear smell as bad as the Browns play?

Bill: No, not that bad.
by mikeverdill June 22, 2009
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HEROIN - smack, scag, dirt, B's, etc. Dirty fukin drug that'll ruin you!
"Wha gwaan b? Any brown gwaan?"

"Just robbed these sunglasses, you can ave em for a bag uh brown"
by T August 02, 2003
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1. the act of being the first one to shit in a toilet after it's cleaned

2. having first dibs to shit
Danny was happy to come into the office and get browns on the freshly cleaned toilet.
by mr. brown1 June 16, 2010
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to murder someone, from cockney rhyming slang "brown bread": dead.
Hench: The weasel doesn't wanna pay.

Boss: Fackin' brown 'im!
by MrCardboard November 06, 2011
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The color of a black person but we are still called balck even though are skin is brown not black. That is so stupid why would you call an african american with brown skin black? Stupid idiots
Idiot: Hey look at that black girl over there. The one with the black skin.

Me: Bitch my skin is brown not black. You stupid cracker!
by samone April 28, 2005
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