The act of defecating in a bed and then squashing the resultant faeces with the top sheet and/or quilt to hide the evidence.

Can be accidental due to a loose stool or a deliberate act of revenge. Popular in a hotel environment where it can prove an unwelcome surprise.
"I found out my girlfriend had been cheating on me so I gave her a brown sandwich while she was at work and left with all my stuff."
by Bweahns December 11, 2008
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when you take 2 ugly girls with nice bodys and brown bag their faces. Then you have one lay on their back and you fuck them while the other girl has her pussy in the face of the other girl. You have become a brown bag sandwich
Chris-"What did you do this weekend?"
Graham-"I brown bag sandwiched these two girls from PSHS. It was great!"
Chris-"Dude thats fuckin nasty!"
by C & G December 5, 2006
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A brown-eyed sandwich is performed when a man titty-fucks a woman, backwards however, and the girl eats out the man's asshole.
I could go for a brown-eyed sandwich right now. I just enema'd!
by the poop doctor September 8, 2007
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to pay two dead beat hookers to get naked and proceed to spread their butt cheeks as far as possible, then press them together with your face in the middle.
i sure did enjoy that brown canal sandwich i was offered the other day.
by blahbalh12 January 30, 2015
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when someone proceeds to rip the lining out of their partners ass through anal sex pentration causing pain and discomfort along with serious health side effect including but not limited to loss of bowel movement control.

this can result in shit flowing out of your partner at any point in time with no warning.

not recommended for inexperienced players!
"The woman recieved a brown and bloody sandwich from her pimp, which caused her to bleed for a week and lose control of her shitting for life."
by J. Middz September 22, 2006
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1987; year of the hash brown sandwich and the 3-5
Would love to wrap my mouth around a hash brown sandwich right now!
by NJKid09 July 30, 2017
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