n. Any amount of fecal matter that is funny enough to save and show your roommate.
I know I should have flushed, but that Brown Clown woulda drown.
by Joel TK June 11, 2005
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Brown clown is a heroin/brown user who is constantly in a nod/half sleep state,where they can't control/account for their actions and look fucking retarded.
Hey look at that sorry ass brown clown,they are so loaded I think they shit themselves. That brown clown is drooling everywhere, haha that brown clown just burned themselves with their cigarette again, that brown clown is so pathetic they can't even move.
by Filthy(425) January 11, 2018
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A mischievous prank In which one shits in a towel and throws it into the victim's dryer on the high heat setting. The dried shit-towel will have the appearance of a brown faced clown having used it to wipe the brown face paint off, and the odor will be horrendous
Julie was unimpressed with my collection of memes. So, I sought out my revenge by shitting in her Egyptian cotton towels, threw it in her dyer, and set it on sanitize. Enjoy the brown clown, Julie. You old bitch.
by B-Muff October 19, 2017
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The little smudge of poopis lodged in the butthole after a fecal expulsion. The leftovers that toilet paper is just not able to wipe away, no matter how many times you wipe. Even with moistened TP.
I wiped and wiped but still couldn't dislodge that brown clown from my o-ring!
by LBo979 March 11, 2009
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A person who takes pleasure in smearing their face in somebody else's excretion in order to recreate a clown's smile.
'Look at that man! He's got shit on his face'
'Yes, that's a brown clown. Can you see the smile?'
'Oh yes, how charming'.
by Bagel Dave July 03, 2006
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While having anal sex, you pull your dick out and draw a smiley face in shit on your girls ass.
I was ass bangin' my girl, and I gave her a brown clown.
by Gene Barrio December 29, 2008
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