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When a gentleman places his scrotum and testicles inside the anal cavity of the young lady thus acquiring said "brown bag". The coated scrotum is then placed into the womans mouth thus creating a "Brown Bag Lunch".
After a stimulating night at the opera Theodore surprised Emily with a Brown Bag Lunch. As per Jeeves, the butler, cleanup was "ghastly".
by Dick Throbbington February 01, 2011
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When a women is very unattractive. So to solve this you put a brown bag over her head. Two possibly, one for you and one for her if she is that bad. Then you proceed in sexual intercourse.
Dude did you see that nasty chick? You need to take her out for a brownbag lunch.
by alksdflkamdf;ojaf January 23, 2008
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an event in which an individual is defecating in a porta-potty and another said person proceeds to tip the potty over causing a situation in which individual #1 is wallowing in his or her own excrement
I was taking a dump, when I felt a nasty thump. I felt the potty tip, and I was covered in shit. Needless to say, I wasn't hungry, but I got a brown bag lunch.
by Mountie April 07, 2003
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When you shit your underpants to the point where they are ooey and gooey just like the Caramel Guy from Candy Land and you slide them over a girls face.
Will Ferrel was so determined to be a movie whore all his life that he gave himself a brown bag lunch just to get the part of the drummer in the Red Hot Chili Peppers movie.
by BrianandAlexButtBuddies June 19, 2009
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