a MALE (whether naturally or by sex change) who is related to u because he has the same mother and the same father as u.
They can be jerks or pals, mine is a jerk
by Lord Nword February 27, 2003
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A person who is related to you and always punches you. He always blames it on you
I have a brother
by Lizard Man April 01, 2015
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Someone u always are there for no matter what..always forgive them no matter what
they will be the only ones in the end..
by johndoe49 January 04, 2009
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(n): A male sibling. Also one of the biggest contradictions ever, in human form. Brothers will often make you want to beat them, maim them, throw them out the window our spray water on their pants. But they will often at times make you want to hug, praise, admire, or even kiss them. You may want to even do all of these things at one time, depending on the situation. In rare cases, you might even say to him, 'I love you'. But that's very, VERY, rare. Even if it turns out that your brother is a narcissistic, lazy, idiotic punk, he will be there for you when he knows you need help, advice, or just a person to talk to. And though you may not admit it now, or ever, when he needs you, you will do the same. After all, he's stuck with you until either of you die.
Person: Hey, can I ask you a favor?

Person's Brother: Nope.

Person: Douchebag.
by fleetfeet93 August 19, 2011
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The best person in the world.
He's such an idol to his sisters.
Brother is the best.
Bryony (Sister) - BROTHER, you're the best.
Kerry (Sister) - Yeah! You're our idol!
Sean (Brother) - Aww thanks guys. You're the best sisters.

That's an example of a good family relationship.
by Bryony McEwan April 18, 2008
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Excuse me...you added an extra letter. Yeah, the R shouldn't be there...it's BOTHER...haha. An annoying younger sibling male born to drive others crazy...
My BrOTHER is a little tard that has no life...
by WOOT! July 13, 2003
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