A. a male sibling

B. A term usually used in the military meaning someone you would put down your life for

C. Someone super close to you you would consider them a brother
Sister: hey brother how’s your day been?

Military member: yeah that’s my brother staff Sargent Paul Clark

Someone talking to a good friend: alright good night brother
by Rest easy brother✊ July 13, 2019
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Someone of the male persuasion (doesn't have to be related) who you are very close with. Someone whose opinion and insight you value over anyone elses. Someone that you desire only the best for them in life with no strings attached. Someone who has impacted and influenced your life for the better.
I'm not related to David, but his thoughts and opinions are very important to me. He's a brother that I look up to.
by Natisha September 21, 2005
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A black male, related or not don't mater as long as his black
by Hustler 03 August 22, 2003
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A slang term for heroin. Heroin is often referred to as dope or boy, but some dealers will refer to heroin as their brother in a way to make phone calls clean and suspicion free.
"Hey man, I'm trying to come see you. You got your brother with you?"
by ZoraandNova March 04, 2013
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A awful human being that cannot be trusted. A thing sent by satan to punish all younger siblings. Thinks their always in charge even when their not. Always sits in his room playing video games and when he does come out, tries to ruin your life. Also: your forced to be nice to them even when their evil.
My brother was sent by satan. I dislike him
via giphy
by Ryandoesntlikesisters April 26, 2019
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Brothers can be fun but also complete assholes.
They know how to ruin life for you, yet make it a ball.
Love them untill you can't love them no more and you want to beat the shit out them.
by INfINiTY March 23, 2015
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