Rated: “League Play with my Brothers Brack and Alexx
CWL INTEL: “Interesting”
by CWLINTEL April 17, 2019
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A brother is a little piece of shit that annoys you every second of your life. They were probably a failed abortion. If you are thinking about asking for one, rethink that decision because it will be the worst decision of your life if you ask for one.
by anonymous fact-teller September 15, 2019
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An extremely cunty fuck that is funny as fuck, but only because he is brutally honest.
Brother is rlly funny
by YaBoiNoahYshai September 25, 2018
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someone who is not related through blood but more then just a regular friend. One that is ride or die and cares about your well-being and you being successful. Will piss you off sometimes and maybe threaten to fuck you up. But the bond you guys have will never break you apart. Brother.
by Realones78 April 07, 2019
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A male sibling to which you will hate and love through out your life.
Yeah, that's my brother.
by Music2975 February 11, 2018
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