A poor, uneven, sad, mustache. commonly used for cleanup in the smooch department.
Hey hudson! Shave that smooch broom. U perv
by ibartels May 23, 2021
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A Brititsh slang term for a shotgun
Roy, hand me the broom, I need to crop this man out of existence.
by Colonel Banoffee November 29, 2021
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While having intercourse with your significant, apply a condom onto a broomstick handle and insert it into their anus. While in a missionary position, pogo the broom handle as if you were a witch riding a broom
The other night my wife and I wanted to try double penetration and I gave her the witches broom.
by DaddyCraftCook November 29, 2020
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weirdo called travis who took travis' name as their own and are fake and an identity thief.
Ugh is that Travis Broom? The fake ugly disgusting wish version of travis the iconic girlboss????
by TikkiStyles July 30, 2021
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A gun which could have been used to clear a trench in World War 2, including SMGs, Shotguns and Trench clubs.
“Shit, the germans are coming! Get your trench brooms lads!”
by Daspeakerofdatruts November 22, 2021
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When you stick your dry penis into your raging girlfriends ass with no lube
My girlfriend was being a bitch last night so I gave her witches broom during sex”
by Boinkysploinkey February 4, 2022
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