To get Married.
The end of your single life.
Heck, the END of your life.
Boy: ahh man im nevouse.
Boy2: Hey, I was nervouse before i hoped the broom.
Boy1: no more hoes and strippers after the bachelore party.
Boy2: I know. -.- Hoping the broom could be the end of your life.
by burnin'ham bitch December 29, 2011
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when your single parental figure (mom, dad, guardian, etc.) meets someone new and gets completely swept away (like what a broom does) by them to the point where you are invisible and irrelevant in a very short period of time and the only thing important to them is this new person. daddy brooms will blow their cash, give up their time, and overall just simp for this person that's not even that special. daddy brooms are what you wrap around your finger with
sister: " mom is such a daddy broom she's always with that guy!!"
sister 2: "yeah what a bitch
by mexicanita blancita July 13, 2020
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When you eat out a chick with a hairy dick
I thought it was a chick but she had a dick. I'll lick her broom anyways though.
by Micky97 January 30, 2018
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The most alpha chad rapper in the game with a 100+ monthly listener spotify account. He is also a pussy magnet and can get any bitch he pleases. If you think you family like
lil broom your completely wrong. From his own words, “all about family, if i fuck a bitch i need a plan b”. Lyrical Genius.
Guy 1: You know about that Lil Broom guy

Guy 2: Yeah that dudes a pussy magnet
by I LOVE BROOM November 24, 2021
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A very trimmed small goatee that is longer than the chin so as it resembles a straw broom at the bottom. The Moon part comes in when you go down on your girl friend and it tickles her ass.
Hey! Nice moon broom! Is that baked beans in it?
by Reeguz March 4, 2016
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The Janitor that cleans the toilets in school
Oh Hey,it's Mr Broom the Janitor!
by ZhenQi January 9, 2021
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When your pubic hair is full of coital juices and you take it across the face of your partner.
We wrapped up a lunch time quicky and I gave them a soggy broom.
by Slappy whiskerbiscut November 17, 2016
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